Selling During the Holidays

The question I receive most during this time of year is, “is it a good idea to sell my house during the holidays?”.  The answer is, yes!

In my 17 years as an agent, I have found my Decembers are usually quite busy with houses going under contract as well as closings; people looking to buy a home this time of year are generally very serious buyers.

Not everyone is able or willing to sell their home during the holidays, which means less competition for you.  While waiting until the spring may bring more potential buyers to the market, you’ll also be facing competition from those homeowners who waited until after the holidays to sell.

Worried about not being able to decorate for the holidays?  Don’t be!  We have a trusted partner who will help you stage your home to appeal to potential buyers while still allowing you to enjoy some holiday decor.

So if you do want to sell during the holidays, go for it!  Serious buyers and less competition mean less uncertainty for you, and you’ll still be able to make your home festive.

Reach out so that we can schedule a time to discuss your goals.  We’ll tailor a plan to meet your needs, walk you through the process & get it done for you.