Preparing Your Home for Spring

It’s time to start preparing for Spring weather, which is right around the corner here in the Lowcountry.  Make sure you have the following items on your to do list to help keep your home in tip top shape.

For your house:

  • Service your HVAC system in preparation for the hot summer months.
  • Replace filters for your HVAC system, stove hood vent and water purification system (if you have one).  Clean filters help the systems run more efficiently, and in the case of your HVAC, help create a cleaner home environment.
  • Mark your calendar for the end of April when “pollen season” should be on its way out.  You’ll want to schedule a power washing for your home, or DIY it, as well as clean your windows to remove pollen and any dirt that built up over the winter months.
  • Have your roof inspected for any damage and repair as needed.
  • Check attic and foundation vents for damage and repair as needed to help keep any unwanted visitors out of those spaces.

For your yard:

  • Clear any fallen tree limbs, prune damaged plantings and rake up leaves.
  • Refresh mulch or pine straw in beds as needed.
  • Give your grill a thorough cleaning, refresh your grill cleaning tools and stock up on fuel so you can make the most of the warmer grilling weather on the way
  • Keep your outdoor furniture covered until pollen season is over.  After power washing your home, remove furniture covers, taking care to clean them before storing them away.  Check furniture & cushions for any additional cleaning that may be needed.
  • Plan & prep for any new yard or container plantings to give your yard & porches fresh pops of color.

Then, kick back with a glass of sweet tea and enjoy!

Thinking about selling this Spring?  We can help with that!  Reach out for additional tips on prepping your home for sale.


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