What Is The Key to Pricing Your House Correctly?

Your trusted real estate agent is the key!

While it may be tempting to pick a price for your home on your own, consider the following:

Underpricing Your Home: Buyers may assume there is something wrong with the home.  It also leaves money on the tables and decreases your future buying power.

Overpricing Your Home:  Turns away buyers, you may need a price drop to re-ignite interest and your home sits on the market longer, which could mean more dealing with more showings than you’d ideally like.  Keep in mind that even in a hot market where there are more buyers than houses available, buyers aren’t going to pay attention to a home with an inflated asking price. (U.S. Real Estate News).

Pricing your home at market value will attract more buyers and you are more likely to get more offers and a faster sale.  To find the right price for your home, work with a trusted & experienced real estate agent who will share their knowledge of:  the value of homes in your area, the condition of your home & how it compares to similar homes, the value added by any updates you’ve made and what current buyer demand is in your market.

Curious about your home’s value?  Visit our home valuation page or give us a call!  We are happy to meet with you to learn about your goals and share our insights into the current market.


Lauren and Cambron | Lauren Zurilla & Associates