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Hey there! Welcome to Lauren Zurilla & Associates’ new blog!  Here we’ll be sharing our insight into the Charleston area real estate market, guidance for buyers and sellers, tips & tricks for maintaining your home and all that we love about this beautiful area we are blessed to call home.

First, let us share a little bit about ourselves and how we do business.  Our main desire is to make a difference in people’s lives. To do that, we know that listening to a client’s needs & goals comes first. We then combine our 17 years of experience and market knowledge to help our clients get to where they want to be.

Our team works hard to provide concierge-style service to deliver a seamless experience for our clients. Buying and selling a home can be a life-changing event, both emotionally and financially, so you need to have a skilled, caring agent on your side.

Now, let’s get started….

Market Insight

In our newsletter this month we focused on all the news we are hearing about the market falling, a recession and the real estate market decline.  We wanted to take the time to address this because, well, it’s important! Bottom line: Despite what the headlines will have you believe, our local real estate market is NOT declining. It’s decelerating which is much different than declining.

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